Relaxing Nature Sounds Collection

Hello, We’re Relaxing Nature Sounds Collection and  we create a unique music for relaxation. Explore the site and find more about us, our music and where to buy  it. Here’s one of our p… via: Relaxing Nature Sounds Collection

Hypnotherapy: recruiting the healing potential of the mind.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind, which captures the imagination and brings about changes in perception and behaviour.  We are all susceptible to hypnosis.  Brief states of hypnosis may occur s… via: Hypnotherapy: recruiting the…

Blissful Background Music for Hypnotherapy

Silencio Music – Hypnosis Collections Broadcast quality therapeutic music specially composed for hypnotherapy, guided meditation, energy therapies and deep relaxation. These collections of blissful tracks can be legitimately used in the therapy…

Hypnosis Effects On The Brain

ForbesResearch Shows Hypnosis Has Some Interesting Effects On The BrainForbesFirst off, who does it affect? People are often broken into two groups when doing hypnosis research. Highly hypnotizable… via: Research Shows Hypnosis Has Some…

Machine-Learning Can Read Your EEG and Uncover Your Habits:

IN BRIEF Researchers have found a way to use EEG scans to identify the brains of alcoholics. While potentially beneficial for medical research, the new discovery could lead to privacy issues now th… via: Machine-Learning Can Read Your EEG…

Meditation Apps to Help You Stay Sane

Load up your devices with these mediation mindfulness and relaxation apps Hopefully they rsquo ll help you find some inner peace Namaste APP LINKS Headspace Android https play google com store apps… via: Meditation Apps to Help You Stay…