Audios to Calm Anxiety and Stress

Enjoy a collection of audios which help me while going through Anxiety. I will be sharing meditations and audios to relax your body so your mind can take a break from thinking. Only when our body is relaxed our mind can follow. Instead of controlling…

Gentle Yoga For Traumatic & Stressful Times

No words can accurately convey how we feel about the violence in America the world right now. We all agree that something is not working, and something needs to be done. But we can’t seem to agree … via: Gentle Yoga For Traumatic &…

Are You YTT Material??

Considering yoga teacher training? Association for Yoga and Meditation founder Yogi Chetan Mahesh suggests you start by asking yourself some tough questions. Google “yoga teacher training” and page… via: Are You YTT Material??

Yoga Expressions

Heartwood Forest will play host to the first ever Teen Yoga Festival in the areaThere will be a range of different types of yoga classes which you can join in.  Use lots of energy with a dynamic cl… via: Yoga Expressions

Yoga Nidra - Practicing Yoga Sleep

It’s that time of year when the holidays are racing towards us and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with obligations, filled with anxiety and stress, then weighed down with physical fatigue. Wouldn’t… via: Yoga Nidra Workshop-Practicing…

Adriene's Yoga for Complete Beginners

This is probably the Yoga video I should have started off with. Adriene gives a really good breakdown of beginning Yoga poses – I really like Warrior I so far. I also tried breathing a little… via: Adriene's Yoga for Complete Beginne…