The Incredible Benefits of Yoga (Podcast)

For the second episode of my podcast, “Dash”, I sat down with Mark Sunman, a Phoenix-based yoga instructor, to talk bout the importance of yoga and exactly how that “yoga bodyR… via: The Incredible Benefits of Yoga (Podcast)

Gentle Yoga For Traumatic & Stressful Times

No words can accurately convey how we feel about the violence in America the world right now. We all agree that something is not working, and something needs to be done. But we can’t seem to agree … via: Gentle Yoga For Traumatic &…

Poetry, Altruism, and the Web of Life

Poetry makes a great framework on which to hang thinking; along with metaphor, which offers another device for thinking – about poetry. Recent events came to mind as I entwined the leading sh… via: Poetry, Altruism, and the Web…
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Top 10 Reasons Why I Chose to Self-Publish

I have had several people recently ask me why I am choosing to self-publish. And let me emphasize that word: choice. It is my choice to self-publish, just as it is a choice to publish traditionally… via: Top 10 Reasons Why I Chose to S…