The world’s most performed living composer!

The Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt, has, for the sixth year in a row, been given the title of the “world’s most performed living composer” by the classical music event database, Bachtrack. While Bachtrack is yet to officially publish…

Leonard Cohen Has Left Us — Discover

Tom Hawking on the death of Leonard Cohen: “It is one of life’s great ironies that wisdom comes only with experience, and it reaches its apogee just as we are deprived of the chance to use it. But Leonard Cohen, at least, has set his learnings…

SoulCalm - Spa Sounds

100 Minutes of beautiful music for blissful massage, deep relaxation, stress relief & wellbeing. Relax with these wonderful calming soundscapes - perfect for holistic therapy, spa treatments, yoga & restful sleep.       

Guided Meditation Video

Hello My Beautiful Friends :) Today i tried this guided meditation video and it really helped me relax and shut down negative thoughts so i thought of sharing it with you. it’s only around 20… via: Weekly Favorites: Guided Meditation…

Poetry, Altruism, and the Web of Life

Poetry makes a great framework on which to hang thinking; along with metaphor, which offers another device for thinking – about poetry. Recent events came to mind as I entwined the leading sh… via: Poetry, Altruism, and the Web…

How To Stop Achieving For Happiness And Start Happily Achieving

Often we are told by most people that in order to achieve more, we have to work harder or painfully discipline ourselves. To some extent this is true – discipline is definitely a part of what makes someone successful. However, if you listen…