The yoga classes helping prisoners in South Africa - BBC News

Why the South African jail where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned is holding yoga classes for inmates. via: The yoga classes helping prisoners in South Africa - BBC News

The world’s most performed living composer!

The Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt, has, for the sixth year in a row, been given the title of the “world’s most performed living composer” by the classical music event database, Bachtrack. While Bachtrack is yet to officially publish…

The Best Podcasts to Get You through a Run

Runners, listen up! Even the best playlists can get boring after a lot of miles, so I suggest you start tuning in to podcasts as an alternative to your top-40 playlists. Whether you are in need of … via: The Best Podcasts to Get You through…

Yoga Videos for When You’re Stressed — Krista Sarraf

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Yoga with Adriene, a YouTube channel and online community by Texas-based actress and yoga instructor. I had enjoyed yoga before, but I often gawked at the high price of monthly studio memberships and…

Doctors use Deep-Brain Ultrasound Therapy to treat tremors

Ultrasound brain surgery has been used to treat a man's uncontrollable tremors. via: Doctors use deep-brain ultrasound therapy to treat tremors - BBC News

Leonard Cohen Has Left Us — Discover

Tom Hawking on the death of Leonard Cohen: “It is one of life’s great ironies that wisdom comes only with experience, and it reaches its apogee just as we are deprived of the chance to use it. But Leonard Cohen, at least, has set his learnings…