Doctors use Deep-Brain Ultrasound Therapy to treat tremors

Ultrasound brain surgery has been used to treat a man's uncontrollable tremors. via: Doctors use deep-brain ultrasound therapy to treat tremors - BBC News
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The Impact of Listening to Music on Cognitive Performance

Many of you will most likely hate me for this, but since many of us are getting ready to crack the books, I figured I oughta repost this and end the argument once and for all. Listening to music fo… via: The Impact of Listening to Music…

Chronic Pain and Hypnotherapy

Dear Pain Matters blog readers, Hypnosis including hypnotherapy and self-hypnotherapy has been used for pain management… via: Chronic Pain and Hypnotherapy

My First Meditation Experience

I am someone who has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, am easily distracted and amused, and worst of all I come down with a terrible case of the giggles at the most inappropriate time… via: My First Meditation Experienc…

Rishikesh Land of Yoga and Meditation

Travel Date 24/3/2016 (Updating Blog Late) One thought which come’s instantly into mind when you say Rishikesh is “Shanti” No need to mention Legend’s have been through this… via: Rishikesh Land of Yoga and Meditation

Hypnotherapy: recruiting the healing potential of the mind.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind, which captures the imagination and brings about changes in perception and behaviour.  We are all susceptible to hypnosis.  Brief states of hypnosis may occur s… via: Hypnotherapy: recruiting the…