Doctors use Deep-Brain Ultrasound Therapy to treat tremors

Ultrasound brain surgery has been used to treat a man's uncontrollable tremors. via: Doctors use deep-brain ultrasound therapy to treat tremors - BBC News
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The Impact of Listening to Music on Cognitive Performance

Many of you will most likely hate me for this, but since many of us are getting ready to crack the books, I figured I oughta repost this and end the argument once and for all. Listening to music fo… via: The Impact of Listening to Music…

Chronic Pain and Hypnotherapy

Dear Pain Matters blog readers, Hypnosis including hypnotherapy and self-hypnotherapy has been used for pain management… via: Chronic Pain and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Effects On The Brain

ForbesResearch Shows Hypnosis Has Some Interesting Effects On The BrainForbesFirst off, who does it affect? People are often broken into two groups when doing hypnosis research. Highly hypnotizable… via: Research Shows Hypnosis Has Some…

Machine-Learning Can Read Your EEG and Uncover Your Habits:

IN BRIEF Researchers have found a way to use EEG scans to identify the brains of alcoholics. While potentially beneficial for medical research, the new discovery could lead to privacy issues now th… via: Machine-Learning Can Read Your EEG…

The Science behind Reiki

I’ve often come across questions how is Reiki capable of healing ?Is it just a placebo effect? I always give a smile & explain to my students about the real science behind Reiki. Reiki is… via: The Science behind Reiki