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Expressing Gratitude Guided Meditation

Expressing Gratitude Guided Meditation – Attract Everything You Want Using The Power of Gratitude
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Expressing Gratitude is a relaxing guided meditation that invites gratitude into your heart. It shifts your perspective and makes you aware of all the good in your life. Instead of dwelling what is wrong or missing, start to focus on what is good and what is right!

Gratitude is a Key To Manifesting Good Things In Your Life. It’s time to understand the true power of gratitude.

For some people, expressing gratitude can be challenging. Especially if they’ve gone through troubled times. Let yourself express your gratitude in any way you are comfortable with. It may be through words, thoughts, or feelings. It doesn’t matter how you express gratitude, just as long as you do it in a way that feels right for you!


Expressing gratitude is a cornerstone to the Law of Attraction. It can open the door for more good in your life because gratitude attracts abundance.

Giving thanks for the many blessings in your life invites many more blessings into your life. It brings in more happiness, health, wealth, love, or whatever else you desire more of in your life.

Attract everything you want in life with the law of attraction and the power of gratitude!


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About Delilah Helton

Hi, I’m Delilah. My passion is to bring out the best in others and to teach people how to improve themselves and their lives.

I’ve practiced hypnosis, meditation, and holism for over 25 years, and have learned how to use power of thought and imagination to manifest dreams, goals, and ambitions into reality.

My mission is to teach people how to develop their personal power, how they can look deep within themselves and develop a self-awareness that ignites profound and powerful personal changes.

My Methods

My methods uplift the total person: mind, body, and soul. They empower you to break down barriers and push past the boundaries holding you back. They encourage you to cultivate a deep connection with yourself, so you find the courage to take responsibility and reclaim control over your life.

My work, combine elements of holism, positive, and transpersonal psychology. They are suitable for all people looking to uncover your strengths and make all of dreams and goals within reach.

My holistic and client-centered programs produce real and lasting results for those willing to brave the journey toward self-improvement and personal change; body, mind, and soul.

About This Channel

This channel is designed to make guided meditation and hypnosis sessions easily accessible and available to everyone. Each session is written and recorded with the sole purpose of moving you forward, focusing on self improvement and personal development….all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I always welcome comments, feedback, suggestions, as well as requests for future sessions. I actively engage with my fans, followers, and subscribers on social media:

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